SAP Materials Management Examination

Quiz Materials

Remember each candidate has a maximum of 3 attempts after which they will have to pay if they are to re-take the exam. Also, if you fail this exam you can only re-take it in 14 days time.



  • The candidate shall answer 80 questions in order to complete this exam.
  • Questions shall take the form of multiple choice, single choice and (TRUE or FALSE).
  • All Questions carry equal number of points
  • Further instructions will be provided below each question as regards the exact number of correct answers that shall be selected.
  • If you select more or less than the number of correct answers stipulated by the question, the system will flag your answer(s) as incorrect.
  • Partial points shall not be awarded for questions half correctly answered.
  • The candidate can skip questions by marking them for review and selecting the next question number from the questions overview screen above. Note that all questions must be answered before the candidate can submit the quizzes for assessment.
  • Each candidate shall have a maximum of 3 hours within which all questions must have been answered.
  • The candidates will have to score at least 70% to be considered succeful and eligible for certification.
  • When the candidate is ready to start, they simply need to click on “Start Quiz” to begin answering the first of 80 questions that have to be completed before the exam can be submitted.



SAP Materials Management Examination