SAP Materials Management

In this course, you will be learning about aspects of the Procurement Cycle, Inventory Management, Invoicing, and Customizing settings for Materials Management. The first three refer to the major parts into which the SAP MM concept is divided and the later, customizing settings refers to the back-end of SAP where all configurations are done. The training program is well simplified and broken down into various lessons, topics, and subtopics. Also, for each lesson, there is a recorded session, lesson notes as well as study materials all combined to greatly enhance your knowledge and understanding of the course concept in general.

After each topic, the student will have to submit an assignment and/or take a quiz which is mandatory. Moreover, to proceed to the next lesson, you must have finished with all mandatory aspects of the previous lesson. Questions that arise from a partial understanding of some concepts of the Materials Managements training program will be posted to the recommended forums for review and solutions. Also, the dedicated course instructor is available 24/7 to attend to problems faced by students that require immediate attention.

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Course Materials

Customizing Materials Management Processes by Akash Agrawal, Introduction to Materials Management (8th Edition) by Steve Chapman, Inventory Accuracy: People, Processes, & Technology by David Plawecki, Materials Management: An Integrated Systems Approach by Prem Vrat, Google search functionality, SAP interactive Forums, Field work experience, Real time social scenarios