Pursuit of the American dream

A real life story told from two dreamer’s perspectives.

26 Year Old James and 24 Year old Casey came to the United States to pursue the American dream and faced with multiple opportunities both individuals made their decisions on completely two distinctive career paths considered lucrative towards prompt realization of the American dreams.

James decided on vocational Education pathway or CTE (Career & Technical Education) in SAP Material Management (MM) while Casey settled to enroll in a traditional 4 years degree program in nursing.

James completed the program in 12 calendar months, got certified in SAP Materials Management and was ready for the lucrative job market.

From a cost-benefits analysis perspective, James paid out of pocket approx. 7k for the entire training program. Casey on the other hand needed approx. 70k in student loan to cover the cost of the 4 year nursing degree program.

James few months after landed his first Job in SAP and began his career as a SAP consultant on a starting salary of 90K plus bonuses and other benifits.

4 years later, Casey also graduated with a BSN degree in nursing and landed his first Job as an RN with a starting Salary of $60k plus bonuses.

While Casey was in school in the process of obtaining his nursing degree, James continued to build on his professional experience and a year shortly after he started his career he got promoted along with a salary increase to 117K. In his 3rd year he got another promotion to a Sr. SAP MM Consultant level with another salary raise to 141k. After 4 years of professional work experience, as we talk today, James has gone a long way to double his initially salary to a current annual salary of over 200K as a Certified Sr. SAP MM Functional Consultant.

Based on the above premises, and a cost-benefits perspectives, Casey has to work and worry about paying back his student loans while Jame is worry free with Zero loans, and now experiencing the reality of a true and fast track to the American dream.

This is the story of James and Casey which I found very fascinating to share with all dreamers and Interesting James obtained his SAP training through SAP Business Solution, which has gone a long way to transform the life’s of many, some of which you will have the opportunity to meet today. Whether you are still undecided, in a job you not sure of a financial freedom and willing to make a career switch to a more lucrative alternative, make the decision today become part of the American dream success story.
Let’s partner and think out of the box by exploring other options that can bring you all the financial freedom that we all seek.

It is on this bases that SAP Business Solution is commitment to give back to the community by offering an SAP vocational training program.

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