3. Master Data

Master data can be defined as information stored in the system under system generic codes that can be called up any time transnational data is being created. This data can be called up in multiple purchasing documents created in the system as well as other day to day transactions being carried out in the company. Three major types of master data are described in this lesson under separate topics which in turn have sub topics.

Topics and Sub Topics:

1.  Vendor Master Data

  • – Vendor Master Org Levels
  • – Account Group
  • – One Time Vendor
  • – Reconciliation Account
  • – Partner Roles
  • – Creating a Vendor with Reference

2.  Material Master Data

  • – Material Master Org Levels
  • – Material Type
  • – Industrial Sector
  • – Extending Material Master
  • – Entry Aids for Material Master

3.  Purchasing Info Record

  • – Structure of PIR
  • – Info Records and Prices
  • – Info Records Manual Update
  • – Info Records Automatic Update


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